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International transportation of cargoes from Europe. Cargo delivery from Europe

Experts point out international transportation of cargoes in the direction of Europe – Belarus as very heavy in terms of traffic that is why it is worth to entrust such demanding challenge to specialists with experience in this field and well-designed delivery schemes. «STDtrans» Transportation Company performs international road transport of cargoes on an operational basis and with guarantee of the safety of goods.

We are a small trucking company carrying out the delivery of goods from / to Europe. Since the company is small, we maintain an individual, confidential approach to each client. Therefore, we want to describe you in detail such a process as the delivery of goods from Europe.

Cargo transportation from Europe

We use only modern trucks of European manufacturers for cargo transportation, while the volume of transported dimensions is up to 100m^3. Our semi-trailers support various types of loads, among them: full tenting removal, lateral loading and other.

Order of cargo transportation

Cargo transportation from Europe is a labor-intensive process. If you need to deliver the cargo, as a rule, having addressed to us, transportation is performed according to the following pattern:

  • Discussion of details of transportation by phone/e-mail, or at a meeting.
  • Execution and signing of application for cargo transportation.
  • Route refinement.
  • Discussion and establishment of a contract, considering the characteristics and value of the cargo.
  • Arrival of transport to the loading area.
  • Transport loading with your cargo.
  • Preparation of required documents, as cargo movement request (CMR which contains details of loading date, description of cargo, transportation deadline, cost of transportation), as well as detailed tax invoice. Customs registration in cargo shipper country. We also have a system of electronic preliminary informing.
  • Arrival at a border. Registration of necessary documents. Passage of necessary clearance aspects.
  • Arrival at the customs in the Republic of Belarus. At this point a customer performs “custom clearance” of the cargo, following which customs permit the transportation of carriage form customs controlled area.
  • Unloading on PWS (warehouse of temporary storage) or delivery of cargo to a place of unloading.
  • Forming and signing of necessary acts and accounts.
  • Payment of transportation.

Cargo insurance

Transport services provided by our transportation company also includes cargo insurance in the amount of up to 250,000 euros.

Many efficiently-run companies prefer to transport the cargo fast, safely and at a low price with the «STDtrans» company, which has an accurate organization of operations and an extensive experience in compliance with international transport market standards.